Journal of Academic Writing

Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial and Production Credits (Vol. 3 No. 1 Summer 2013) PDF
Journal of Academic Writing i
Editorial: Student Learning and ICLHE – Frameworks and Contexts PDF
Magnus Gustafsson, Cecilia Jacobs ii-xii


Reflections on an Integrated Content and Language Project-Based Design of a Technical Communication Course for Electrical Engineering Students PDF
Becky Bergman, Ann-Marie Eriksson, Jörgen Blennow, Thomas Hammarström, Jens Groot 1-14
Learning Affordances in Integrating Content and English as a Lingua Franca (‘ICELF’): on an Implicit Approach to English Medium Teaching PDF
Ute Smit 15-29
Attention to Student Writing in Postgraduate Health Science Education: Whose Task is It – or Rather, How? PDF
Brenda Leibowitz 30-41
Transformation, Dialogue and Collaboration: Developing Studio-based Concept Writing in Art and Design through Embedded Interventions PDF
Peter Thomas 42-66
From Apprenticeship Genres to Academic Literacy: Problematising Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Communication Activities in an ICL Environment PDF
Andreas Eriksson, Carl Johan Carlsson 67-83
‘Reservoirs’ and ‘Repertoires’: Epistemological and Discursive Complexities in Multidisciplinary Engineering Practice PDF
Karin Elizabeth Wolff 84-94
Towards an Integrated Assessment Framework: Using Activity Theory to Understand, Evaluate, and Enhance Programmatic Assessment in Integrated Content and Language Learning PDF
Marie C. Paretti 95-119

ISSN: 2225-8973